For a good while now I’ve had the intentions of setting up a blog.

In fact, I have gone as far as setting up new usernames and passwords with the very good intention of setting up a blog. But somehow, it never seemed to worked.

I could blame the lack of motivation, or my lack of IT ability, but the very truth in the matter is that I could not settle on a title that I was happy with. And believe me, I tried a lot.

There was Educational History. But it felt too formal. Nobody wants to read that blog.

There was This & That. I hoped that this would demonstrate that there wasn’t any coherent plan. And then, without a plan, it fell apart.

There was Drake’s Drum. This was in honour of local legend Sir Francis Drake. But I didn’t want to be heavily associated with a pirate. One must be careful with the company they keep.

There was the War World Cup. A blog devoted to an overview of all the wars of the history of the world. But providing simple scores for the deaths of millions felt a tad unsympathetic.

There was Bouncestory. A blog devoted to the idea of bouncestory: history with bounce. But such a simple idea seemed so complex to convey to others.

There was Witchstory. Merging witches and history together into a catchy portmanteau. But I didn’t want to just write and talk about witches.

Then, there was Walking History. This was to be an attempt at me engaging in local history in close-by areas. As Hanson Mitchell calls it, ‘the undiscovered country of the nearby.’

But none of this found a way to settle and to grow. And so here are with this blog: Dave Does History. Yes, I agree, it is not an entirely catchy and ear-ringing title. But it is simply that: Dave (me) doing history. In this manner I hope to bring across the many ideas from the many blogs outlined above into one suitable area. So, it will involve exploring the local areas of nearby (wherever nearby may be), of reading into witches, Tudor monarchs, and Nazis. It’ll be this and that, and more.

Of course, this could be a blog to join the scrapheap of other failed ventures. But for now I’m doing it. History is to be done. Dave is doing history.