This Friday was the day of the research showcase for the History with English foundation degree at South Devon College University Centre. It provided 20 minute lecture slots for a plethora of different topics, including local history, philosophy, the medieval age, as well as how to re-enact as a Viking.


The central purpose of the event is to promote the great work completed on the course, but having watched a full day’s worth of great talks it is also apparent that it has several purposes, including a celebration of the hard research that is completed on a regular basis by students on the programme.

Having enjoyed the day, the next step is in collecting all of the research conducted by students over the past 3 years into an online journal (the South Devon Smorgasbord The work completed by these students will hopefully continue living onwards in the years ahead, and will serve a clear utility to others researching similar topics.

The foundation degree team are looking forward to next year’s showcase, and in expanding it even further. As well as looking at the opportunity to run more talks and lectures open to the wider public. The main focus is to continue to promote the value of the course, and of the unique, individual work of those who enrol on it.