As recently promised here is the up-to-date table for all of the wars so far covered in the War World Cup series. The results include:

Great Britain have raced into the lead following their victories over the mighty Russia and perhaps not-so-mighty Zanzibar. All of which hints at the refrain that ‘Britannia Rules the Waves’. But the biggest result of the first five results is undoubtedly the USA’s defeat of Spain in the 1898 Spanish-American War; the remains of the decaying Spanish empire were snatched away, thereby highlighting America’s rise to superpower status.

Table - G5

Despite five posts on this theme I continue to hold reservations about such an approach to history, especially considering how it could be construed to be thoughtless to those who lost their lives in these conflicts. An even greater accusation could come in the form that ultimately such a project is utterly pointless: it cannot prove that one country is better than another at winning wars, due to the breadth of time covered. But I’ve never let the fear of pointlessness get in the way of a project, and so the War World Cup will continue onward into 2019.