2018 has given way to 2019: a whole new year ahead of blogging about elements of history from the important to the, well, pointless. But what about the month that was here? Here is a brief recap of December’s posts.

There are a couple of Cornish related posts to feast upon: one concerned with my wanderings in the town of Lostwithiel, focussing on pieces of history connected to the old earldom of Cornwall. The second Cornish-related post featured the very first article published in the Cornish Banner back in 2006: ‘Bert Solomon: A Cornish Flame of Inspiration’. People still look at me in disbelief when I tell them about how Cornishmen won silver at the Olympic Games more than a century ago.

Other posts – as random as ever – include some thoughts on recent family history I’ve undertaken on the Moors of Essex. I’m hoping to establish a link with Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General from the 17th Century; it is further elaborated on in the post ‘The Ancestor, the Pub, and the Witchfinder’. The Christmas Eve post focussed on the Spartacist Uprising in Germany in 1919 – because, well, why not? Furthermore, there were posts relating to the War World Cup; this month featured the Anglo-Spanish War of 1585-1604. Alongside this was an actual table of current standings of the countries and wars covered so far. I’m coming to the conclusion that this effort of a War World Cup is essentially pointless, but perhaps the new year will look at specific wars and centuries to try and highlight the successful countries/empires of the past.

Then, to end of 2018 were a couple of posts relating to ‘Best Of’/’End-of-Year’ lists: my favourite historical books of 2018, as well as my five favourite posts of 2018. It was quite enjoyable reflecting on the blog, and I’m still amazed that it has survived into 2019. Now onward to April 2018 when I can celebrate its anniversary!

Other Monthly Round-Ups: