Today marks the first anniversary of this blog. In many ways, for a blog devoted to history, to trumpet one year – a mere 365 days – as a victory could be be seen as rather shallow. However, in the world of blogging one year could be considered ancient. As I noted in my very first post 12 months ago, my previous blogging ventures all completely failed; so, I’m happy with the progress made over the past year.

A year older, but how much wiser? The blog has provided me with space to reflect on the history that I teach, study and engage with on a different level. I’m not going to be as bold as to say that it has made a “better” teacher (in fact, I’m continually re-assessing this and have concluded that, if anything, my teaching capability as declined!). But I do believe that it has made me more reflective in terms of how I see the big debates and the grand narrative of the past. Furthermore, a gander at the A-level category reveals a whole array of classroom related posts, ranging from the Tudors, to the newer 20th Century Germany module, as well as my now abandoned module on the Witchcraze (a glance at these gave me happy memories of last year’s Easter revision sessions).

I’ve been particularly happy with the way that the blog has helped me to engage more deeply with personal research and writing; I’ve been stimulated to put more time into researching my own local history articles and engaging more deeply with family history (included the blasted pub history… more on which in a future post). Furthermore, the series ‘The undiscovered country of nearby’ has allowed me to explore different areas of historical interest, including the likes of Hembury Hill Fort and the nearby Sugarloaf Hill.

A lot of the various categories that have grown over the past year show that my tastes are eclectic. Perhaps there is a case to be made for having a more specific blog; after all, does anyone really need to read about my thoughts on the solo career of Paul McCartney (I’m sure that there must be someone!). But this is the purpose and my favourite aspect of the blog: the random avenues to explore and to consider.

And so, the blog continues onward. I hope it to reach the grand old age of two years in 2020. As my initial post stated: ‘It’ll be this and that, and more.’ Hopefully the blog will become more visual, as it is time that I replaced the title with something more striking. But, of course, one thing at a time.