Summer is here and the sun is out: all of this is great news for visits to historical sites of interest and general geocaching adventures. However, it is not good news for reading and general updating of the blog; both of those things require rainy weather to give ample opportunity for quiet contemplation and reflection. But, as always, I shall do my best to keep these pages nice and bright and up-to-date.

The past month was a hectic one for college life: lots of exams, revision sessions, and general rise of stress levels. However, coursework was sent off, exams were sat, and by the end of the month I am in a far more content position than at the start of it. During this time I was able to sneak a few moments to idle more time away on this blog, including a mash-up of the TV show Game of Thrones and the life of Henry VII. The Henry VII theme continued with the last post of the month: a return to the War World Cup series and a re-evaluation of the success of Henry Tudor’s foreign policy.

A highlight from May was University Centre South Devon College’s Research Showcase. The History with English day was a joy to be involved with, as noted in this post of the day’s activities. Furthermore, I also wrote about the countdown to the big day itself (and for the very keen, here is a link to last year’s showcase in 2018).

The two remaining posts of the month were inspired by the revision sessions in the classroom. Truman’s Foreign Policy developed from the revision on the AQA American Dream module (on which foreign policy plays a large role), whilst discussion about inevitability in history made me return to a degree essay that I wrote years earlier: to what extent was the First World War inevitable?

No doubt there were will be rainy days in June – this will give me a perfect excuse to update the look of the blog and to finally post the various ideas/visits/photographs that I have stored away like a greedy squirrel all these months.