So, a week has passed since I submitted my short eBook Ralph Wilford: Henry VII’s Forgotten Pretender for sale on Amazon. The process of researching and completing the eBook has been outlined in an earlier post (which can you read here), but over the course of a week I’ve learnt (or is it “learned”) a few things:

Firstly, my cover was terrible. Yes, you may remember it (as it remains connected to the older post), but as a refresher I have added it below:

front cover - ralph wilford book

The cover was “designed” quickly on KDP itself, using a basic image at the back. However, I wasn’t satisfied with it, and having played around on a image-creating app (Typorama) I decided on a different approach. Same title and same information, and yes, I used another stock image, but I’m a little more happy with this new one. It is a route that I will take with any other future eBooks.


Secondly, I failed to adhere to the golden rule of a firm, final proof-read on actual paper. Yes, I proof-read the thing – a few times (!!!)- but doing it on paper is always a different experience; it is possible to spot different things whilst looking at the words at a more flexible angle. So, this week I printed off a copy and sat down to give it another read. Nothing major was changed, just a few commas and a couple of words, but it was more satisfying knowing that this approach had been taken.

That is the key thing with utilising Kindle Direct Publishing: the ease in making edits. All of this was done, and now the new version is available to view on Amazon (as you can see by clicking here). I don’t want to make a habit out of making unnecessary changes, but it is much more enjoyable being able to edit rather than see the odd mistake committed to paper on the printed page.

Thirdly, I could have avoided the first two lessons by simply waiting a little longer. I could have designed a better cover and I could have completed a more thorough paper-based proof-read, but I didn’t because I simply wanted to “publish” and to move onto other things. If there is a next time I will try to not make the same mistake.

And fourthly – and finally – I haven’t become an online eBook millionaire with sales. Not that I was expecting to do with a 99p book about an obscure chapter in Henry VII’s reign. But still… perhaps I will strike it lucky with the next one!