October has been an oddly productive month in terms of writing and editing various historical pieces. This has, in part, been due to the use of a full week’s half-term break to fritter away as I pleased, but also because of the darkening evenings which have encouraged me to stay in my warm homely cocoon.

The uploaded posts over the past month outline experiences in the classroom. Notably with in terms of my attempted History lesson in Costa Coffee. Was it a success? Probably not. But it is an option that I will attempt again in the near future. Also, I have posted a new meme based on a niche historical topic relating to the German Revolution of 1918: Spider-man Scheidemann!

Of bigger note was the holding of the very first South Devon History Conference at the University Centre here at South Devon College. As the post outlines, it was a positive day with engaging talks from a variety of different speakers. Plans are afoot for a second one in February 2020.

For regular followers of the English Monarchs FA Cup, there was another edition of the overviews of Round 1. This included Henry III against Edward IV, as well as others. The competition continues onward into November, hopefully with some specific end in sight over the next decade or two.

The final post of the month was a biographical overview of my great-grandfather Sidney Levi Wildman, who lived from 1872-1951. This is part of a new series of posts – The Trail of the Wildmen – where I will hopefully outline the history of this line of my family history. Sidney appears to have been a bit of a character: a short chap of joined the army at the age of 15 and who later became a musician. The next post in the series will look at Sidney’s wife, Alice Davis, in more detail.