At the conclusion of last year I added a couple of posts outlining my favourite posts and reads of the year. As I mentioned previously, the fact that the blog survived to the end of the year was a surprise, especially considering the longevity of my previous blogs. And now here we are at the end of another year and I continue to enjoy writing and posting on this site. So, here goes another year in review of posts that I’ve enjoyed writing.

Another One Ticked Off: St Michael’s Mount [April 2019]


A post about a visit on a lovely sunny day to one of the wonders of Cornwall: St. Michael’s Mount. In many ways this post is a love letter to nice spring days outside the classroom and to the joys of National Trust membership. I had a great time exploring the estate and roaming the beach, and even found the time to scoff down a cream tea. It was all the more enjoyable due to connecting to the physical location of an article I had written a couple of years earlier on the siege of the mount by the Earl of Oxford back in 1473.

Historiographical Survey of St. Budeaux [April 2019]


This year I ended up modifying a few of the assignments on the History with English foundation degree (at University Centre South Devon), one of which was a historiographical essay of an element of the 19th Century American history. So, for example, a student could have provided a historiographical debate surrounding the causes of the Civil War, or of the expansion of American imperialism. Anyhow, to demonstrate the different types of essays, I wrote a historiographical survey charting one village: St. Budeaux. I had wanted to do this for a while and I’m fairly happy with the results. However, an itch remains to write a full history of this village. Maybe something for 2020.

The Parallels between Henry VII and Daenerys Targaryen [May 2019]

Tudor Targaryen

Like many people I was hooked to the final season of TV show Game of Thrones; and like many people, I was ultimately left disappointed at the rushed nature of these final episodes. However, it did give me an idea for a post about a comparison between Daenerys Targaryen and Henry Tudor, which ended up theorising about different “what if” scenarios. An enjoyable write-up and one that I hope to use in a discussion in the classroom.

Butlin’s Minehead: The Smallest & Cutest Little Chapel in England?[August 2019]


Back in the summer I visited Butlin’s with my family and although the loud sounds and screaming children provided a few headaches, I was happy to return to a place of my youth. Furthermore, hidden amongst the loud sounds, bright lights and screams was this tiny little chapel. I marvelled at finding it because for a few minutes it provided an island of calm amongst a sea of activity. For this I will be forever thankful.

The Trail of the Wildmen: Sidney Levi Wildman [October 2019]

Sidney Levi Wildman Portrait

Family history research appears to come in bursts with me and I was happy to spend a few weeks back on Ancestry looking into the life of my great-grandfather. I intend to spend more time in 2020 charting out the various lines of family connections, and the life of Sidney Levi Wildman has not yet finished yet. Too many question marks remain. Especially finding out whatever instrument he played whilst in the military!

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