On 1st April 2020, this blog turned two years old. So, how about a celebration (of sorts)? I “celebrated” the first year anniversary of the blog back on 1st April 2019. Back then I stated that trumpeting a mere one year of history could be perceived as something quite minimal. However, the longevity of the blog, no matter how modest, is quite a personal feat.

This blog’s very first post (The Continuing Adventures of Dave), back in the days of 2018, I noted how I had attempted several blogs, but none managed to survive more than a month or two. Therefore, I’m incredibly happy for this blog to have published 178 different posts, whilst writing over 200,000 words! I continue to love the freedom of whatever I choose, and of not worrying about editing or proof-reading.

I put time into this small blog mainly because I enjoy writing about what I love: history. Posts continue to come in various forms, ranging from traditional history articles to ideas taken from the classroom. I’m continuing to spread out, and have recently enjoyed including more political history, as well as what I hope will become more football related history.  Recently, I thought whether including such material was relevant to the other themes that I had explored, but I remembered my mission statement: to delve into different debates and history topics that interest me.

So, the blog continues on. Of course, I couldn’t stop now, not when I have different “series” to complete. Who will win the English Monarchs FA Cup? How far can I trace back the Wildman line? I will attempt to resolve such questions, and continue to blog about the eclectic, over the next year before the blog reaches its third birthday.