A few weeks ago in early April I posted about this blog’s second birthday. I continue to be enthusiastic about the writing and posting, usually numbering up to 80,000 words per year. However, when it becomes to site maintenance I’m generally not as keen; aside from adding a logo and a couple of images last summer, this blog remains the same as it did when it was born back in April 2018.

And so, I’ve gone for a face-lift and started by purchasing personal membership on WordPress. This provides me with a new, sharper domain name (davedoeshistory.com) and also allows me to remove the rather annoying adverts that were hoisted onto my page by WordPress.

Furthermore, it also provides a gateway to different themes and designs. I much prefer words and language to do design, but I’ll try and take advantage of the opportunity to update the look of the site.

And so, why am I telling you this? You might simply be muttering: “Oh, come on, get on with it Dave! We don’t need to know the background. Just do it!” Well, I thought I would be selfish and put out a post to hopefully remind me when looking back in the months ahead to see if the face-lift has actually happened!

Or, to look back in several months and feel shame at not having done any face-lift work…