The first round of the English Monarchs FA Cup took place from the spring of 2019 all the way until the end of the 2020, covering thirty-two fixtures that halved the sixty-four original contestants. Now, the thirty-two fight it out in the second round in order to become part of the final sixteen.

The previous post in the series provided a summary of the first round and noted some of the big names and favourites remaining in the competition. I managed to cut up the names and, with my daughter’s assistance, complete the draw for Round 2.

The fixtures are as follows:

Mary II v William III

Mary I v Eadred

Matilda v George V

Elizabeth I v Richard II

George III v Edgar the Peaceful

Harthacnut v Edmund I

William the Conqueror v Edward the Confessor

Henry VII v Alfred the Great

Oliver Cromwell v Anne

Edward the Elder v Edmund Ironside

Henry VIII v George II

Henry IV v Henry V

Aethelstan v Edward IV

William IV v Henry II

Victoria v Elizabeth II

James I v Edward III

I look forward to delving into this contests; as with the first round, I really enjoyed reading into the history of the monarchs and deciding on their relative merits. Although some underdogs managed to squeak into this round I expect to see only the heavy-hitters remaining in the final sixteen. But we shall see!

I hope to have the first set of fixtures ready for posting at some point over the next month. Let’s see which monarch has the potential to succeed in this tournament.