I had a pleasant surprise whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday when I came across a Plymouth Live article. Plymouth Live is the social media face of the local newspaper – the Herald – and perhaps the best way to describe its perspective and purpose is by highlighting its seeming addiction to “click-bait” headlines. Such headlines focus on many topics far removed from anything to do with Plymouth, notably that of “Harry and Meghan” articles in 2021.

However, I subscribe to the Facebook feed due to its useful notifications about traffic incidents (of which there are many on the A38) and for the interesting, quirky features on local history. This particular article was one of those, entitled: ‘The hidden treasures in Central Park that are brimming with history’. I was specifically interested because I have posted previously – in what I hope to become a mini-series of posts – of the hidden history of Plymouth’s Central Park; one post – relating to the small face of Neptune – is available to read, whilst I have a few more primed to complete. So, I saw the article as an opportunity to provide a bit of info to help with my own future posts.

But I did not expect to see my own post about Neptune to be quoted in the article itself. Clearly it seems whilst rummaging on Google for information related to these park features the reporter has stumbled across my blog. Obviously I am delighted to be quoted in the article, along with my musings (mostly which were simple speculation) about the origins of Neptune’s face.

Yet, despite my clear focus on historical topics – both in writing articles and in teaching history – I am simply referred to as:

local Plymouth man.

By comparison, the next quotation – seemingly taken from a social media site – has the person described as a ‘knowledgeable history buff’. Sadly, it seems, I am not yet on such a level. But in seriousness, it is nice to see the blog get a bit of recognition, along with a link to the original post.

I look forward to posting more about Plymouth’s Central Park in the future. This Plymouth Live article has given me some extra fuel on which to delve into the other curiosities in more detail.