Back at the start of April I set myself a challenge to “celebrate” the three years of the blog’s existence: posting every day throughout the month. The plan was to publish thirty posts in total, with one eye on finally giving light to many of the old drafts that I’ve stored over the past couple of years.

So, did I succeed the challenge?

Well, to be blunt: no, I didn’t. During the course of the month I posted twenty-six times out of a total of thirty days. I managed to sustain the frequency from the first of the month right up to the 21st, and after that the remaining nine days saw a patchier return.

I simply became bogged down with “real life” and my free time became more and more limited. But despite not successfully ticking off the challenge I am reasonably happy at having posted twenty-six times in one month, especially when considering how I normally post four times a month.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about what I had “learnt” from the challenge. I concluded that I love blogging, noting how the blog ‘allowed me to rediscover…earlier passion’. The whole month allowed me to reflect on how I blog and the different ways in which this blog has changed over the past three years.

As a form of “celebration”, the challenge was a great way for me to re-connect with the blog. It has provided me with a more firm grip of my “mission statement” from three years ago: to ‘delve into different interesting debates’ in the hope of creating a blog that was a ‘collection of ideas and discussions’. Hopefully I can continue doing this in the years ahead.