Whilst enjoying a couple of hours walking around Burrator Reservoir finding geocaches I came across the ruins of Leathertor Farm. I spent a few minutes circling the ruins and taking photographs, whilst attempting to imagine how the farm may have looked in the past.

The handy information board provided an overview of the farm’s history, noting how the building was constructed in the Victorian period in 1870. The building itself had a short life-span, with the farm being abandoned in 1924 due to the need to protect the reservoir’s water supply from pollution.

The info board expands on the history of the farm:

‘The first recorded reference to there being a settlement here dates from 1317, and refers to it as “Lodertorre”. The last tenant to farm here was John Lillicrap, and once he had left, the buildings were allowed to become derelict.’

So, although Mr. Lillicrap is now long gone, the ruins are left for others to have a nose around, just as I did earlier in the week. I really enjoy walking around Burrator Reservoir: so many interesting, hidden, slightly forgotten history to engage with.