In October 2021, before the half-term break, South Devon College hosted a history conference. This was coordinated by my colleague and good friend Jon Baldwin, as part of the History with English foundation degree programme at University Centre South Devon. This event follows on from the last conference held in October 2019 and the 2019 Research Showcase in those more open and free pre-Covid days.

This conference contained a range of different talks. These included:

  • Dr Kevin Dixon: Legends of Torbay
  • Dr Darren Aoki (Plymouth University): The Namamugi Affair
  • Jacky Cobbold (UCSD Alumni): Beyond University
  • Tess Walker (Newton Abbot Museum): Local Heritage and Volunteering
  • Paul Hawthorne (Paignton Picture House): Restoration and Local Heritage
  • Anna Somner (UCSD Alumni): Beyond University

Kevin Dixon has always helped out with previous conferences, and it was fascinating to hear his talk about how rumours can grow into local legends. I was similarly engaged by understanding more of the great effort made to preserve local heritage, in the form of talks by Tess Walker and Paul Hawthorne. And of course, I remain to be impressed whenever our former students – our alumni – return to tell us of what they have done since leaving the course.

Fingers crossed that we (by which I really mean Jon) will be able to put on another event in 2022!