Back in April 2021 – during my challenge of posting once a day for the entire month – I posted about the sin of typos and grammatical mistakes. This followed an earlier post in which I outlined my annoyance at easily avoidable mistakes found in books. However, I also noted my own numerous collection of typos on this blog, with a resolution:

Of course, a blog is a different publishing process than an academic text, in that it is more reflective and more spontaneous, however, such mistakes have motivated me to go through each and every post in order to update and remove such sloppy errors. I’m thinking this as more of a spring clean of the blog, and after three years of writing it is about time this was attempted. Perhaps then I can achieve absolution for my sins.

However, there was no energetic spring-clean, and therefore absolution has not been achieved. This was brought home to me during an A-level class in which the group read through my post about the Day of Potsdam. This is another one of those cases in which an A-level specification fails to mention several key events (as does the exam-board endorsed textbook), but then expects students to still refer to them in their exam papers (as shown in mark schemes). However, I realised on reading through the post that it was filled with numerous typos.

And so, I have turned my spring-clean ambition into a New Year’s resolution: to properly read through the various posts (more than three hundred!) and to find and eliminate all typos where I find them. Let’s see if we can clean up this blog during 2022.