In this month (April 2022) this blog reached the grand age of four years. Back in the very first post – from 1st April 2018 – I noted the difficulties I had previously encountered when starting blogs, and so to reach four years (and hundreds of thousands of words across more than a hundred posts) is personally astounding.

Last year (April 2021) I gave myself a birthday challenge to celebrate the anniversary: a month of uploading a post a day. I almost completed the challenge, missing out by four days/posts; but the main purpose of the challenge was to engage with the love of blogging and delving into eclectic areas of history. And so, to celebrate four years I needed a new challenge.

Rather than overwhelm everyone’s inbox with updates of new posts, I have decided on scratching an itch that has endured for over a year: my podcast. Yes, the Dave Does History podcast! Back in February 2021 I recorded a short introduction to the podcast, then planned a few episodes, and then… forgot all about it. But the whole venture has been in the back of my mind for the past year, and so this month’s challenge is to finally get the podcast up and running.

My plan is simple enough: a short season of bite-sized episodes relating to posts that I have uploaded during 2021. April 2022 is the month in which the podcast will finally come to life. The challenge is accepted.