Well, I have returned. Not from anywhere in particular, but it is a return to this blog. Since the blog’s birth in 2018 I have kept up a steady stream of posts in each and every month, but then came the summer of 2022 and everything stopped.

There are a multitude of reasons for this pause, most of which are far too dull and ordinary to mention here. In many ways, this blog suffered from the fate of millions of other blogs, with it coming to a standstill. However, I always meant to return to it in order to get things back up and running.

In terms of my world of history, what the heck have I been doing for the past five or six months? Let me update you:

  • I have started the new academic year focusing on A-level teaching, and have returned to the Germany 1918-45 module, having switched to one relating to the American Civil War a year ago. As it turns out, the module change was not as interesting as I had hoped, and so I have gone back to what I know.
  • I spent a large chunk of time delving into the photographs I have taken relating to anything of historical interest, ranging from the big to the small. What do I intend to do with these photos? Well, other than admire them, I’m not entirely sure!
  • I am planning on establishing a history society for my college, with the hope of promoting history outside of the classroom.
  • I finished my book about the Tudor empire – finally! I will post with more details in future posts.

So, although this blog ran dry, I remain as committed and enthused with reading and talking about history as I ever was. And now things are back on track, let’s get going.