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Dave Does History is a blog by a history teacher called Dave. I teach in Further Education and am lucky enough to prepare classes across different levels, principally A-level and degree. This blog is an attempt to bring together the different ideas and thoughts that I come across – from both myself and from students – whilst teaching throughout the year. As such, it will be rather eclectic.

For example, a big focus on the blog covers traditional and popular periods of history, such as the Tudor dynasty (1485-1603). I’ll cover this period – and the big players, such as Henry VIII – but I’ll try to do so in an off-beat manner. The Tudors forms a large part of the content studied at A-level, along with American history and German history. I’ve also covered modules including the Wars of the Roses and the Witchcraze in the early modern period. Whilst on the History with English foundation degree I focus on the use of academic skills utilised in the study of history as well as American history (from the colonisation of Europeans to the 21st century). Luckily, I also teach on an Access to HE programme and cover 5 separate modules every year, ranging from Holocaust denial to the British education system.

Furthermore, the blog also focusses on local history – relating to Devon and Cornwall – and includes any interesting nuggets I stumble across whilst geocaching (The Undiscovered Country of Nearby). Cornish history has long been an interest of mine, and I am currently researching and writing a short book on the Earls of Cornwall (therefore the reason as to the many posts on these earls!). And then I have my simple “gibberings” – anything that I find of interest, and that you may also find of interest (or possibly not).

Ultimately, my “mission statement” is simple enough: I love history and want to delve into different interesting debates and periods of time to attempt to understand in greater detail. This blog is a collection of ideas and discussions based on this continuing attempt.

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