Over the summer break I took the opportunity to update the appearance of this blog, something I last attempted in the summer of 2018 (back when i came up with the very ground-breaking “innovation” of monthly round-ups and figured how to link posts to Twitter!). So, what is new? A new logo (of sorts), an attempt a new banner (yes, a work in progress), as well as an update of the pages on the top menu.

One of these new pages – My Publications – was a chance to put together different articles (and bits and bobs) that I have seen in print over the years, stretching back to 2006. I guess the real drive for this was the recent uploading of my short eBook Ralph Wilford: Henry VII’s Forgotten Pretender on Amazon. There are a few other books that will be uploaded in the months ahead (yes, including that never ending piece of research on the Blue Monkey pub), so I thought it best to gather them in one place.

Furthermore, this page also includes a select bibliography of other articles that have been printed over the years, some of which I have redrafted for this blog. However, this does not include every single article written/printed, and it leaves out about twenty articles (or so) printed in a local magazine based in Cornwall (for which I did small historical curiosity pieces on). Again, I have uploaded some of these on to the blog, and will continue to do so in the future.

All of this got me to thinking about an attempt to provide more of a clearer system for logging past articles and future books. And so I toyed with the idea of utilising a name for the upcoming books – a publisher name of sorts; however, as you will notice from this very blog, naming things isn’t my forte. As it stands, the best that I have is “Dave Books”.

Yes, very inventive indeed!